VOTEXA is a trading brand of CLS, we are known throughout the Road Service Industry, for developing mobile EV Charging solutions.

VOTEXA recently ended sales of its ground breaking earlier model EV Chargers, both have been now replaced by a single completely newly designed and improved charger. Company Chairman Stuart Davies is quoted as saying “this completely new charger, allows us to utilise technologies and build materials, not available to us four years ago, when designing our first chargers. We are proud of our association with ARC Europe, and to develop new and unique products to fill their road service needs”

Through our unique product offering, VOTEXA is helping Companies and Roadside Assistance Clubs and Organisations, by assisting costumers electric vehicle related breakdowns.

To meet these needs, we now offer one robust 7.6kW VOTEXA Mobile EVSE Charger available. This charger can be configured to charge through normal mains power, in or out of the vehicle, or adapted to charge through the vehicles alternator.

Unlike many chargers on the market, our power comes from LifeP04 batteries. This allows you the option to recharge through renewable power sources.

As our chargers are mobile, more importantly  they provide a broad range of recharging solutions and flexibility. With a VOTEXA charger, you able to service for such things as Electric Vehicles (EV), E-bikes, Mobility Scooters, and Electric Lift Trucks.

In Europe, we are proud to partner with ARC Europe and their partner Motoring Clubs.

CLS carries a small stock chargers, with a majority of chargers now built to order.


Votexa Mobile EV Charger 2.0