VOTEXA is a division of CLS, which is focused on developing mobile EV Charging solutions.

VOTEXA is helping Companies and Roadside Assistance Clubs/Organisations, assist consumers electric vehicle related breakdowns and requests for mobile recharging for a wide variety of applications globally.

Currently there are two VOTEXA Mobile EVSE Chargers available, with the added feature of been able to supply either 110V or 220V (region dependent) power through a domestic outlet. Providing a broad range of recharging solutions, for such things as Electric Vehicles (EV), E-bikes, Mobility Scooters, and Electric Lift Trucks.

With sales throughout the world, our mobile recharging and power solutions have demonstrated the ability to meet the demands and support e-mobility.

In Europe, CLS has an exclusive partnership with ARC Europe and their partner Motoring Clubs.

CLS carries a small stock of both chargers, with a majority of chargers built to order.