Club Logistics Services (CLS) is a division of votexa Australia, a family owned business controlled by Mr. Stuart Davies and his immediate family.

Stuart Davies, former Group CEO of Club Assist Corporation for near of ten years, Stuart purchased the European division of Club Assist when exiting the business.

In purchasing CLS, Stuart laid out his vision and goals for a newly independent CLS. We want CLS to be recognised for providing quality and innovative products, backed up by integrity in all process and interactions with our customers and the customers and members they serve. We now live in a digital age, where changes that shape our life happen overnight. It is our goal at CLS to stay ahead of these changes and to stay in front of the technology wave and the future demands of customers.

Safety and the environment are the corner stones for the new CLS. By protecting our employee’s safety and the environment they life in, we all benefit

Our Service Psychology

The best gauge of our service psychology is a satisfied customer. Our service commitment doesn’t always mean there are sales involved. Service takes on many meanings and forms, at CLS we strive to identify how we can be of service and where our service offering could also be viewed as a hindrance.

The products CLS supply and service are complex in their offerings and rely on an extended range of services to achieve success. While our core products batteries rely on sales at the roadside, services that support the end sale are broad, from the building of awareness, to receiving a call from a stranded motorist, CLS aims to provide service to assist in parts of the service chain and not just the final revenue exchanging transaction.